Waltham Watch Company

Waltham Watch Company
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Waltham Watch Company
Aaron Dennison established Waltham Improvement Company (later to become Waltham Watch Company) in 1854. The factory became a major employer of Yankee Protestants offering higher wages and skilled work. In September of 1864 a visit was made by some Elgin Watch Company representatives to the Waltham Watch Company led to seven key Waltham people being lured away to work for the newly formed Elgin -- they were nicknamed the Seven Stars. The bait used was a $5,000 a year salary for 5 years, a $5,000 bonus and one acre of land on the company's, soon to be acquired, 35 acre site. Elgin got its comeuppance though, as several of these “Seven Stars” soon left them for other companies. In 100 years of existence the factory produced 40 million jeweled watches, plus clocks, speedometers, compasses, time fuses for bombs and other precision instruments. This famous time piece manufacturer went out of business in 1957 when it was bought and converted to Waltham Precision Instrument Company.

Certificate: Common Stock, issued in the 1960’s

Printer: Columbian Bank Note Company

Dimensions: 8” (h) x 12” (w)

State: DE-Delaware (Incorporation) | MA-Massachusetts (Operations)

Subject Matter: Clocks and Watches

Vignette Topic(s): Allegorical Featured | Company Logo Featured

Condition: Vertical fold lines, punch hole and stamp cancels in signature areas and body, and some toning and edge faults from age.

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