Juniata Mining and Manufacturing Company

Juniata Mining and Manufacturing Company
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The Juniata Mining and Manufacturing Company was incorporated in Pennsylvania, and had operations along the Tow Hill Tract in Tyrone (Blair County).

Edwin L. Study was active and instrumental in the formation of the firm of Study & Company, which was organized in Tyrone on May 1, 1879, for the purpose of developing the minerals on the lands of George and J. H. Shoenberger, in Huntingdon County. The company erected expensive machinery to wash one hundred and twenty tons of ore per day, built a 3-mile long narrow gauge railroad to connect with the Pennsylvania Railroad. The company employed about 125 people. After Mr. Study's death the company was merged into the Juniata Mining and Manufacturing Company of Tyrone.

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Certificate: Capital Stock, unissued/uncanceled, 1800s

Printer: Lehman & Bolton, Philadelphia

Dimensions: 8 1/4 (h) x 12 (w)

State: PA-Pennsylvania

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Condition: No fold lines or cancels, and toning and edge faults from age.

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