Basin Montana Tunnel Company

Basin Montana Tunnel Company
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Basin Montana Tunnel Company
The Comet Mine is one of the oldest mines in the Basin/Cataract Mining District. It was first mined in about 1880 by the Alta-Montana Mining Company. In 1883, the Alta-Montana Mining Company sold the Comet Mine, the Alta Mine, and several other mines to the Helena Mining and Reduction Company. The majority of the production from the Comet Mine occurred from 1883 to1893 under the Helena Mining and Reduction Company. In 1907, the Montana Consolidated Copper Company deepened the Comet Mine shaft to 600 feet and continued to operate the mine for another 20 years. The Basin Montana Tunnel Company acquired the Comet Mine in 1926 and constructed a 200-ton flotation mill to process Comet ore as well as custom mill ores from other mines in the district. The mill was closed and dismantled in 1941.

The Comet Mine is credited with production valued at $13,000,000 prior to 1911. Since 1902, the Comet Mine has produced 496,000 tons of ore, yielding 42,000 ounces of gold; 3,000,000 ounces of silver; 28,000,000 pounds of lead; 23,000,000 pounds of zinc; and 2,000,000 pounds of copper. The mine consists of a 900-foot vertical shaft with drifts at nine levels. In total, the mine comprised 20,000 feet of lineal workings.

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