O'Sullivan Rubber Corporation

O'Sullivan Rubber Corporation
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O'Sullivan Rubber Corporation
O’Sullivan dated back to 1896, when a printer named Humphrey O'Sullivan invented the rubber heel by nailing pieces of a rubber floor mat to his shoes. Originally known as the O’Sullivan Rubber Company, the company name was changed in 1970 to O’Sullivan Corporation. This change was made as a result of the company’s growth into plastics, vinyl and other synthetic materials.

The company enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with the automotive industry, beginning in 1953 when their flexible vinyl was used on the seat backs of Cadillac vehicles. The same year, the company perfected the process for laminating plastic to metal and soon was supplying material to luggage and business machinery manufacturers in addition to automobile makers.

Just three years later, O’Sullivan calendered vinyl for padded dashboards hit the market, furthering establishing the company as a major automotive company supplier.

At the company’s peak, O’Sullivan supplied Ford, Chrysler, General Motors, Honda, Toyota, Mazda, and Saturn. The company also produced medical products including vinyl for hospital air mattresses, blood bags and inflatable splints; swimming pool liners, loose-leaf binders, checkbook covers, furniture upholstery, luggage covers, roofing materials, geomembrane pond liners, tractor seats, and gym equipment.

After selling off a large amount of company assets during the 1990’s, O’Sullivan was purchased by the Geon Company in 1999.

Certificate: Common Stock, issued in the 1960’s

Printer: Franklin-Lee Division / American Bank Note Company

Dimensions: 8” (h) x 12” (w)

State: VA-Virginia

Subject Matter: Rubber Companies

Vignette Topic(s): Eagle Featured

Condition: Vertical fold lines, punch hole cancels in signature areas and body and some stray staples and markings.

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