Buckeye Pipe Line Company

Buckeye Pipe Line Company
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In 1909, the Federal Court found in favor of the government and ordered the dissolution of Standard Oil. The Supreme Court rejected the Standard's appeal in 1911. Based on the ruling, Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey v. United States, 221 U.S. 1 (1911), Standard Oil was divided into several separate entities. The largest of them was the former holding company, Standard Oil of New Jersey, with almost half of the total net value; it changed its name to Exxon in 1972 and remains to this day the world's largest oil company. Next largest, with 9 percent of net value, was Standard Oil of New York. In 1933 it merged with the Vacuum Oil Company (with another former component of the trust) to become Socony-Vacuum. In 1966 it changed its name to the Mobil Oil Corporation. Standard Oil California acquired Standard Oil of Kentucky in 1961 and became the Chevron Corporation in 1984. That same year Chevron purchased Gulf Oil. Standard Oil of Indiana acquired both Standard Oil of Nebraska (1939) and Standard Oil of Kansas (1948) before it became the Amoco Corporation in 1985. Standard Oil of Ohio became Sohio and then the American arm of British Petroleum in 1987. Other components of the Trust included the Atlantic Richfield Corporation (ARCO), Continental Oil (Conoco), Pennzoil Company (purchased by Texaco in 1994 which lead to a $7.53 billion settlement with Getty Oil), Union Tank Car Company, Chesebrough-Pond's, and the Buckeye Pipeline Company.OH-Ohio Oil Companies Pipelines and Related Under $10 Under $5 Male Subject Heavy Equipment Featured Oil Wells Featured

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