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The Great American Tea Company was founded in 1859 as a mail order business by tea and spice merchants George Huntington Hartford and George Gilman. The first store was opened in 1861 in New York City at the corner of Broadway and Grand Street selling various teas and coffees.

In 1870, the company is renamed The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company, in honor of the transcontinental railroad. By 1876, with 100 stores, A&P; becomes the nation's first major grocery chain.

In 1912, the first Economy Store (a new grocery store concept with a limited product assortment) is opened in Jersey City, New Jersey. In 1924, the A&P; Radio Hour becomes America's first national radio program.

By 1930, A&P; dominates the supermarket business and introduces private label products at substantial savings to customers. In 1937, Woman's Day magazine is started through a wholly-owned company subsidiary. It sells for two cents, and soon becomes a top seller.

Between 1983 and 1990 the company acquires Kohls Supermarkets, Dominion Stores, Shopwell-Food Emporium, Waldbaums, Farmer Jacks and Miracle Food Mart.

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