Gila River Mining Company

Gila River Mining Company
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This company probably worked the placer deposits along the Gila River around Gila City about 1859-60, then went dormant with the onset of the Civil War, reorganizing in 1881, when it got back into the mining business with new properties.

A group of seven men, who may have been part of the original group, reformed the Gila River Mining Company of New Orleans and filed their new corporation in December of 1881. They had abandoned their interest in the Gila River placers and staked new claims in a different area. Joseph Hernandez (president), William L. McMillan, James D. Houston, Lionel A. Sheldon, Maurice J. Hart, Albert G. Brice, and Chas W. Newton filed as the directors of the company, who proclaimed that they were buying the Garfield, Sheldon, Hickman, Western, Golden Gate, and Tar Heel mines located in the Mayflower District of Graham County, Arizona Territory (somewhat near Clifton) from a group of miners headed by Sheldon.

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Certificate: Capital Stock, unissued/uncanceled, 1800s

Printer: H. Wehrmann, Lith, 71 Chartres Street, New Orleans

Dimensions: 6 3/4 (h) x 10 (w)

State: LA-Louisiana | AZ-Arizona | NM-New Mexico

Subject Matter: Mining and Related | Mining-Louisiana | Mining-Arizona | Mining-New Mexico | Dated 1800s | Unissued Pieces

Vignette Topic(s): Eagle Featured | Pelican Featured | Harbor Scene | Animal Featured | Horse Featured | Male Subject | Multiple Scenes

Condition: No fold lines or cancels, and toning and edge faults from age.

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