Cadence Industries Corporation (Specimen)

Cadence Industries Corporation (Specimen)
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Perfect Film & Chemical Corporation (Perfect Film) was formed in 1962 by Martin "Marty" S. Ackerman from parts of his first four acquisitions: United Whelan Corporation, Hudson National, Perfect Photo, and Equality Plastics Inc. Hudson was a mail-order pharmaceuticals firm, and Equality Plastics, a consumer-products distributor. Perfect Film sold off Whelan drugstores and the Pathe Films Lab.

In early 1968, Perfect Film purchased Popular Library, a paperback book company. In 1968, Perfect Film loaned $5 million to Curtis Publishing Company, publisher of the Saturday Evening Post, at the request of Curtis' primary loan holder, First National Bank of Boston. In June and July 1968, Perfect Film sold $40 million worth of securities, more than double the company's long-term debt. That fall, it bought out publisher Martin Goodman owner of Magazine Management Company, the parent of Marvel Comics and other ventures and made Magazine Management a direct subsidiary. It placed its other corporations as subsidiaries of that. Perfect Film purchased the Desilu Studios in 1968.

In March 1969, Perfect Film and Commonwealth United Corporation had tentatively agreed to a merger of Commonwealth and Plume and Atwood. Despite attempts to revive the Saturday Evening Post's circulation, and with the lack of a purchaser, Curtis Publishing shut the magazine down in 1969. Perfect Film purchased Curtis Circulation Company that same year from Curtis Publishing.

Also in 1969, OSF Industries purchased the Desilu Studios from the Corporation. Ackerman left Perfect Film In 1969.

Perfect Film sold Popular Library in 1970 to Fawcett Publications. In July 1970, Perfect Film agreed to sell its 50.5% ownership in Plume Atwood Industries to Cinerama.

Under president and CEO Sheldon Feinberg, the company renamed itself Cadence Industries in 1973. But, Cadence Industries was liquidated in 1986, and it sold Marvel Entertainment Group to New World Pictures and Curtis Circulation to Joseph M. Walsh and Hachette Distribution Services.

Close Up of Vignette:

Certificate: Common Stock Certificate, specimen, 1970s

Printer: Security-Columbian / United States Bank Note Company

Dimensions: 8 (h) x 12 (w)

State: DE-Delaware

Subject Matter: Media Companies | Publishing Companies | Sports and Entertainment | Television and Motion Pictures | Specimen Pieces

Vignette Topic(s): Allegorical Featured | Allegorical Mercury | Skyline Scene

Condition: No fold lines, punch hole cancels in the signature areas and body, and some toning and edge faults from age.

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