Arrow Can Company

Arrow Can Company
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The Arrow Can Company was incorporated in New York and had operations at 35 Warren Street in Manhattan.

The company manufactured a can for waste of any description, for which they claimed (at the time) put the can in a class by itself. The two characteristic features of the manufacturing were the system of reinforcement and the method of galvanizing. The reinforcement consisted of vertical 1/2-inch steel rods, which were not merely attached to the can, but are actually folded in flutes of the sheet steel as it is pressed into the form. To do all this required special machinery, which had been devised by the company for its work. Besides the vertical lateral supports, there was a top ring, consisting of a solid piece of sheet steel, 16-gauge, with double flanges, which crimp over the edge of the body, giving, besides protection, a round edge, to facilitate handling. The bottom, also of 16-gauge steel, had an outside and inside flange, all of one piece. The other peculiarity in the manufacturing was that the can was galvanized heavily, inside and out, after it was assembled. This prevented rust and corrosion that would occur where the galvanizing metal might be chipped off in constructing the can of separate galvanized parts. Malleable iron drop handles with heavy clips were provided, for ease in handling.

Close Up of Vignettes:

Certificate: Capital Stock, unissued/uncanceled, early 1900s

Printer: Broun-Green Company, New York

Dimensions: 7 3/4 (h) x 11 (w)

State: NY-New York

Subject Matter: Manufacturing and Production | Consumer Products | Unissued Pieces

Vignette Topic(s): Government Seal Featured | State Seal Featured | New York State Seal | Company Logo Featured | Bold Underprint | Multiple Scenes

Condition: No fold lines or cancels, some toning and edge faults from age.

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