Diamond Motor Parts Company

Diamond Motor Parts Company
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The charter of the Diamond Motor Parts Company (incorporated in St. Cloud, Minnesota) contained the following statement of the general nature of its business: "The general nature of its business shall be to manufacture and sell automotive repair and replacement parts, to purchase, acquire and take over the entire business and property and all of the assets and liabilities including both real and personal property and all properties of every kind, nature and description belonging to the Mutual Motors and Manufacturing Company now located at and in the City of St. Cloud in the State of Minnesota and to carry on the business of manufacturing said automotive repair and replacement parts in the plant which is now owned by the said Mutual Motors and Manufacturing Company at St. Cloud, Minnesota.

In the late 1920s the company filed for bankruptcy and was absorbed by Aluminum Industries, Inc. of Cincinnati. In 1930, four officials of Diamond Motor Parts and 25 stock salesmen were indicted for stock fraud in a scheme that defrauded thousands of investors of over $2,000,000. Included in the indictment was George Bouthinon (who has signed this piece as the company President). At the time of his indictment, Bouthinon was in a local sanitarium recovering from injuries sustained when his car collided with a train.

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Certificate: Capital Stock, issued in the 1920s

Printer: M Bank Note Company

Dimensions: 8 1/2 (h) x 10 1/2 (w)

State: MN-Minnesota

Subject Matter: Automotive and Related | Auto Parts and Service | Scandals and Collapses

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