Selby Smelting and Lead Company

Selby Smelting and Lead Company
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The Selby Smelting Company was orgainzed in 1865 by Thomas H. Selby and Peter Naylor of New York. The company was the first smelting operation for metals other than gold and silver on the west coast. Selby enlarged their facility to forty furnaces and quickly became the largest metal smelter in America. The company’s original facility was in San Francisco on the corner of 1st and Howard Streets. Selby died in 1875 and his son continued to run the company.

In 1879 the company purchased the property and business of the Pacific Refinery and Bullion Exchange.

In the last quarter of the 19th  Century, Selby had outgrown its San Francisco facility and moved across the bay to a site near the Hercules Dynamite Plant.

In 1905, at the height of its success, the American Smelting and Refining Company (ASARCO) purchased Selby. Since the company was so successful, ASARCO left the Selby name intact on all of their operations. ASARCO then “re-incorporated” the company as a Nevada entity on May 14, 1907. In 1970 ASARCO closed the Selby operation because of tax and environmental problems.

The lead produced by the company was used at the Selby Shot Tower in San Francisco.

Certificate: Capital Stock Certificate, unissued/uncanceled, early 1900’s

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Dimensions: 5 1/2” (h) x 10” (w)

State: CA-California | NV-Nevada

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Condition: No fold lines or cancels, and some toning and edge faults from age.

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