Cerbat Silver Mining and Milling Company

Cerbat Silver Mining and Milling Company
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The Cerbat Silver Mining and Milling Company was incorporated in Delaware in 1919, and had operations in Arizona. The company had a 10-year lease with 10-year renewal privilege on 8 claims and 3 mill sites in the Chloride District, including the Elkhart, Argyle, Edgar, and Victoria mill sites. The Elkhart mine, owned by Elkhart Mines Company, which adjoined the Tennessee mine 1 mile east of Chloride, was traversed by a strong vein, in places 10' wide, with 1' 5" of pure galena and 8 feet of galena and silver with some gold and zinc.

The properties were developed by shafts 200' and 500' deep, short tunnels, and about 2 miles of workings. Operations were resumed in 1920 and the Elkhart shaft unwatered to 300' level. Gross production was said to have been about $1,000,000. Ore reserves were estimated at over $500,000 proven ore, and $1,000,000 probable ore.

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Certificate: Capital Stock Certificate, issued in the 1910s

Printer: Broun-Green Company, New York

Dimensions: 9 1/4 (h) x 12 1/4 (w)

State: AZ-Arizona

Subject Matter: Mining and Related | Silver Mining | Mining-Arizona

Vignette Topic(s): Mining Scene | Mountain Scene

Condition: Vertical fold lines, no cancels and toning and edge faults from age. Paper clip marking at top margin.

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