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Adams Earl
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In 1869 an enterprise was commenced by La Fayette citizens to secure an east and west railroad, running from Muncie, Indiana, through LaFayette, to Bloomington, Illinois. From its first inception Mr. Adams Earl (whose signature appears on this certificate) took an active interest in the project. At the first meeting he was elected a Director of the company, and was later elected President. He served in this capacity three years, during which time the western division of the road was completed and put into operation. In 1870 the Cincinnati, La Fayette & Chicago Railroad Company was organized to construct and operate a railroad from La Fayette to Kankakee, Illinois, there to connect with the Illinois Central for Chicago. This road was owned by Mr. Earl, Moses Fowler and Gustavus Ricker, with Mr. Earl being President, General Manager and builder. This section of railroad later became part of the Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St. Louis & Chicago Railroad, and was known as the Kankakee line, the shortest line to Chicago.

In 1877, by purchasing Mr. Fowler's bonds and stock, Mr. Earl secured a controlling interest in the property, and to its management gave his careful and constant attention. In November, 1879, Mr. Earl disposed of his controlling interest in this property to a party of Boston capitalists, and retired from his management.

The road itself crossed the Kankakee River at Waldron, Illinois, where in 1874, Mr. Earl, in company with others, constructed large buildings for the storage of 35,000 tons of ice. This was a joint stock company, called the Kankakee Crystal Ice Company, of which Mr. Earl was President. This became his primary focus after he left the railroad in 1879.

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