Sports Gift Set (4 Pieces)

Sports Gift Set (4 Pieces)
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Nice set of sports related pieces headlined by a certificate from the “World’s most famous arena,” Madison Square Garden. Wonderful graphics abound, including an opening day scene at Monmouth Park (Circa 1870) vignette on the Monmouth Park Jockey Club piece, and beautiful harness racing vignette on the Brandywine Sports certificate. Nice grouping at a reduced price!

Pieces in this set include the Madison Square Garden Corporation, Brandywine Sports, Monmouth Park Jockey Club, and the San Juan Racing Association.

These certificates have the usual fold lines, various cancels in signature areas and body, pen markings and some toning and edge faults from age.

All certificates are sold only as collectible pieces, as they are either canceled or obsolete. Certificates carry no value on any of today's financial indexes and no transfer of ownership is implied. Unless otherwise indicated, images are representative of the piece(s) you will receive.